10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Deathstroke is one of the deadliest characters in the DC Universe. If he ever ended up in the Marvel Universe, these villains would be in trouble.

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10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Deathstroke has gone back and forth between the hero and villain spectrum for a long time. His mercenary tendencies means it’s impossible to know which direction his morality is going to go at any given moment. He’s fought a who’s who of DC’s greatest heroes and villains and won, his super soldier enhanced body and brain giving him the skills he needs to win.

Deathstroke always needs new challenges to stay sharp, so seeing him face off against Marvel’s villains would be interesting. While he couldn’t beat all of them, there are definitely some rather powerful villains that would fall before Deathstroke.

10 Red Skull Is Tough But Deathstroke Is Tougher

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Red Skull is known for being more of a mastermind type but he’s a rather potent soldier, especially since he started using Captain America clone bodies to keep himself going. Skull has a lot of experience and can fight better than most people think. He’s always had a problem with super soldiers, though, and he’s never faced one like Deathstroke.

Red Skull is used to being the ruthless one, not having to deal with a ruthless foe. While he would put up a great fight against Deathstroke, the results of their battle are basically academic. Red Skull couldn’t hang with Deathstroke.

9 Baron Zemo Would Learn A Painful Lesson At Deathstroke’s Hand

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Baron Zemo enjoys his complicated schemes but he’s also the type of villain who likes to get his hands dirty. Zemo is a dangerous combatant and his sword skills would give Deathstroke a great challenge. The two clashing would be a battle of two intelligent men with great fighting skills, but it’s not a fight Zemo would win.

Deathstroke has Zemo beat in too many categories not to win. He’s stronger and faster and while he may not be smarter, his enhanced brain works much quicker. That’s going to make all the difference, as it will allow him to rapidly outthink Zemo.

8 Crossbone’s Muscle Won’t Save Him From Deathstroke

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Crossbone is Red Skull’s toughest henchman, a mountain of muscle who is more skilled than he looks. While he’s definitely good at what he does, he’s nowhere near Deathstroke’s level in any way, and that’s going to cost him. That doesn’t mean the fight will be easy for Deathstroke, but there’s really not too much hope for Crossbones.

Crossbones is not going to be able to outfight Deathstroke, so his best bet would be to try and pin him down with gunfire. This isn’t going to be a perfect way of dealing with Deathstroke, since he’s almost certainly a better shot. The whole battle would be futile for Crossbones.

7 Bullseye Is Going To Miss Against Deathstroke

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Bullseye’s ability to use anything as a deadly weapon has made him a formidable opponent. He’s had his skeleton reinforced by adamantium and his fighting skills have allowed him to go toe to toe with the toughest heroes. A battle between him and Deathstroke would be a lively affair but it would be one that Bullseye just couldn’t win.

It’s debatable who is a more skilled fighter, but Deathstroke has Bullseye beat handily in every other category. It would be a great fight but Bullseye is at such a disadvantage because of Deathstroke’s superior brainpower.

6 Kingpin Would Never Survive A Fight With Deathstroke

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Kingpin has long been one of Marvel’s craftiest villains. A veritable mountain of muscle, Kingpin is as dangerous on his own as he is as the head of his criminal empire. He’s the type person of who would definitely want to hire Deathstroke or would throw everything he had at the merc if he was sent after the crime boss.

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Either way, Kingpin loses. Deathstroke could run through anything that Kingpin threw at him with little trouble. In a one-on-one fight, Deathstroke has all of the advantages. He’s stronger, faster, and more skilled. It would be a good fight but not one Kingpin would win.

5 Lady Deathstrike’s Cybernetics Won’t Save Her From Deathstroke

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Wolverine fights many dangerous villains, but few are as driven as Lady Deathstrike. She had her body cybernetically enhanced in order to get revenge against the diminutive mutant and is a master assassin. She’s actually on pretty equal footing with Deathstroke in a lot of ways, but his enhanced brainpower is what would win the fight for him.

Their battle would be a long and bloody affair but eventually, Deathstroke would triumph. Lady Deathstrike would surprise him at first but once Deathstroke realized what kind of fight he was in, that would be the end of it.

4 Doctor Octopus Is Too Vulnerable To Deathstroke

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes and still one of his most formidable. Doc Ock’s arms are a great weapon and they’d actually do a pretty good job against Deathstroke. The assassin knows that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, so he would make a quick escape in order to get the advantage back.

Tactics are one of Deathstroke’s fortes. He’s also a crack shot and Doc Ock is the perfect candidate for sniping. Deathstroke would get some separation, set up somewhere, and snipe Ock from a distance.

3 The Lizard’s Bestial Nature Would Give Deathstroke The Win

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

The Lizard is one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying villains. He’s immensely strong and durable, made all the more dangerous by his bestial nature. He’s physically superior to Deathstroke in every way except in intelligence, and that’s why Deathstroke is going to win. He’s not going to try and fight such a massively superior foe head to head. He’ll go crafty on the Lizard.

Deathstroke’s smart enough to quickly figure out a way to take down the Lizard. He’d set traps, using everything he had to his advantage, and goad the Lizard into fighting the fight that Deathstroke wants him to. It would get messy but Deathstroke would still win.

2 Kraven And Deathstroke’s Fight Would Be Epic

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Kraven the Hunter has proven to be one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous foes. He and Deathstroke have a lot in common; both of them are superlatively skilled enhanced humans who get by as much on their brains as anything else. A fight between them would be a long, hard-hitting affair but in the end, Deathstroke’s superior tactical skill would give him the day.

Since they are so closely matched, it would come down to who came up with the better plan and that’s where Deathstroke shines. While Kraven is very good at that sort of thing as well, he can’t match Deathstroke’s enhanced brain and that’s going to cost him.

1 Deathstroke Would Be Able To Pull Out The Win Against Green Goblin

10 Strongest Marvel Villains Deathstroke Could Beat

Green Goblin and Spider-Man have had some hellacious battles over the years. Green Goblin is a very tough nut to crack and his insanity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes him unpredictable but it also can be an exploitable liability. Green Goblin is definitely stronger than Deathstroke but the mercenary would be able to take advantage of the villain.

Deathstroke would disable the goblin glider to even things up and then play on Green Goblin’s insanity. All he’d have to do is get him to make mistakes and the win would be in the bag for Deathstroke.

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