10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

As one Marvel’s strongest characters, Deadpool is sure to leave an impression when he finally makes his way into the MCU.

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10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Deadpool is on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via his upcoming third outing. Ryan Reynolds is reprising the character from Deadpool 1 & 2 and will most likely be a satisfying adventure for his fans. Imagining the Merc with the Mouth butting heads with heroes other than peripheral X-Men is exciting when viewed alongside his comic history.

Deadpool’s run into many major plays from the MCU in the comics and has even defeated some unlikely adversaries. His imminent arrival fuels fan speculation about how he may fare against some of the deadliest foes in Kevin Feige’s universe. Deadpool’s enhanced and wielding dual katanas, not to mention his wry attitude. That may just be enough to down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

10 Taskmaster Would Be Torn To Shreds

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

2021’s Black Widow gave fans of the character a solo adventure after years of her tagging along in the Avengers pics. The film did well in its furthering the character of Natasha Romanov, but its treatment of the villain Taskmaster was simply laughable. Deadpool would roast this essentially-mute and robotic character before doing away with her mockery of his katana skills. Either that or Wade would just get out of dodge, not finding Taskmaster worth a joke or a jive of his time.

9 The Incredible Hulk Would Lose Interest And Give Wade Time To Strike

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Though it doesn’t star Deadpool, Garth Ennis’ Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe depicts a scenario where Frank Castle is able to kill the Hulk after waiting for him to revert back to Banner form. Wade Wilson would probably do something similar, but with considerably less melancholy than Castle.

The former wouldn’t want to draw it out, but Banner has demonstrated issues with being able to turn back to the green goliath. This may play to the Merc’s advantage and he’d be positively giddy that he took down such a behemoth.

8 Ant-Man Would Try To Be Friendly

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

This battle may end in the two becoming pals, as Scott Lang is just so lovable and friendly. Wade could take advantage of the sincere Avenger quite easily, then, though the Merc is a softie deep down. While Ant-Man could grow larger and step on Wade, or shrink and simply vanish, Deadpool’s skill with words would eventually be able to coax Scott into letting him back into his good graces. Plus, should things go sideways, Scott shrinking would make for a quick katana swipe for the win.

7 The Winter Soldier Is Too Serious

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Bucky Barnes is an intense character on screen and rightfully so; the man has had a very rough go of it. Nevertheless, his tunnel vision would limit his effectiveness in combat against the Merc. Wade’s constant banter would throw Bucky off, make him emotional, and cause him to react instinctively.

Deadpool gets close and a katana strike could end this swiftly. At range, the Winter Soldier gains a slight advantage, but the aforementioned talking would probably enrage Bucky and bring him closer anyway.

6 Spider-Man May End Up The Object Of Wade’s Affection

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Deadpool crushes on Spider-Man in the comics, so the two could come out the other side friends. Wade might end this fight before Peter does. The two have teamed up in the comics, as well, so this may be the beginning of a slight love/hate relationship. Given the Merc’s looser moral structure, conflicts are certain to arise in this duo. A consistent schedule of infighting is to be expected.

5 Captain America Is Like Bucky

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Like his best friend Bucky, Captain America would be too hyper-focused on the fight to really plan for Wade’s distinct offbeat attacks. Rogers possesses a slight advantage in that he’s more strategic and probably able to better adjust to an erratic kind of attack.

On the other hand, Cap hasn’t really faced off with katanas before and may be unable to defend against them with just his shield. No matter the outcome, the Merc isn’t going to be rewarded with an invitation to join Earth’s Mightiest.

4 Ultron Is Predictable

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

The sentient A.I. Ultron could overwhelm Wade with his drone army, but that’s to be expected – as is pretty much everything about Ultron’s attacks. He’s emotional like his creator and therefore prone to tantrums fueling swarms of his robots on one single target. A distraction is deployed and Wade can get to the prime body and put it out of commission. Similar to Bucky, Ultron may be triggered by the insults hurled from the Merc and react accordingly.

3 War Machine’s Arsenal Is Limited

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

Colonel James Rhodes is a formidable presence in the War Machine armor, but that’s about all he has: the weaponry on the armor. Once that runs out, he’s simply a man in a steel case whereas Wade has a healing factor and melee weapons. Rhodes wouldn’t stand a chance against him and would probably attempt to negotiate, which Deadpool may in fact listen to. Rhodey has shown a comedic side which may be enough to win Wade over.

2 Thanos Has A History

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

In a meta coincidence worthy of Deadpool, Josh Brolin portrays Cable in Deadpool’s standalone films and Thanos in the MCU. Deadpool could potentially meet up with his former partner in his Titan form courtesy of the MCU.

Deadpool has defeated Thanos in the comics, with a particularly compelling moment coming in Deadpool #45 by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Scott Koblish. In a grand display of irony, the Merc uses the Infinity Gauntlet to trick Thanos into believing he still had it. Then, Wade blows up the Thanos-copter killing the Titan. A worthy adaptation of this issue may be necessary for Deadpool 3.

1 Star-Lord Would Be Put In His Place

10 Strongest MCU Characters Deadpool Can Defeat

The MCU already has a wisecracking outlaw in the form of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord. Seeing this, Deadpool would target his competition with precision strikes: he’d attack the Guardians themselves. Perhaps in a cinematic version of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, he could work his way through Peter Quill’s team before setting his sights on the mourning captain. Equipped with his laser pistols and no celestial gene, Quill would fall quickly to the wit of Wade Wilson.

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