9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

9 Best Anime Moms, Ranked

The best anime moms might be protagonists of the series, present in their child’s life, or just have made a positive impact.

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9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

When it comes to anime moms, most protagonists are lucky to have one. Anime protagonists are so likely to grow up without their parents that fans have begun making memes about it. The baseline to be a good anime mom is to be present in their kids’ lives, or have had a positive impact on them while they were alive.

However, there are some moms that go beyond that. Some of them are supportive of their child’s goals no matter how far they might be out of reach. Others are protagonists themselves, protecting their children and making sure no one ever harms their kids. Regardless, there’s few anime fans who don’t love a good anime mom.

9 Azusa Is A Supportive Mother For Her Two Slime Children (I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Azusa managed to have two kids in the most unique way. After killing several slimes, their spirits reincarnated into a pair of young girls who sought her out, believing her to be their mother. Surprisingly, she allowed them to live with her, and began treating them like they were her children. Despite wanting a peaceful life, Azusa has taken in numerous young ladies in need of guidance. After spending three hundred years living and helping people, she’s happy to give valuable advice to everyone.

8 Mamako Oosugi Tries Her Best To Look After Her Son (Okaa-San Online)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Okaa-San Online’s Mamako Oosugi dotes on her son too much, but this doesn’t make her a bad mother. She cared enough to follow her son into a video game world and look after him. Fortunately, the game awarded her with the power necessary to do so. The game granted her a pair of incredibly strong swords that could dispatch any enemy with two attacks.

Mamako’s a natural care giver, and she manages to take in other characters who don’t have good moms. Working with her, they get to see what the love of a supportive parent is like. Occasionally, she even fixes the relationships with their mothers.

7 Mito Freeces Brought Gon Back Up To Speed On His Schoolwork (Hunter X Hunter)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Mito is the closest thing that Gon Freeces has to a mom in Hunter X Hunter. She used to be close to Ging when he was younger, and has looked after Gon since he was two years old. When she revealed that Gon’s dad was still alive, Gon pointed out how he wanted to go find him, and she didn’t hold him back.

She wasn’t happy about it, but she allowed him to leave without being angry at him. She supported him when he returned, though she insisted he catch up on all his homework.

6 Kushina Uzumaki Gave Her Son The Peace He Needed To Defeat The Nine-Tails (Naruto Shippuden)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Unfortunately, Kushina Uzumaki never got to see her son, Naruto. She wanted to raise him, but the machinations of Madara and Obito changed all of that. In Naruto Shippuden, she never stopped loving Naruto. Kushina and Minato loved him, and stored a small version of Kushina inside of Naruto.

This gave Naruto the opportunity to see Kushina when he needed it most, helping him to seal off the Kyuubi that was inside of him. Thanks to her support, Naruto was finally able to master the Nine-Tails chakra. Naruto became the ninja he needed to be to become the Hokage.

5 Rinko Iori Believes In Sei Even When He Isn’t Good At Gunpla Piloting (Gundam Build Fighters)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Rinko Iori puts up with a lot to keep her family working properly. Her husband is never around, but she continues running their Gunpla shop to keep a roof over the head of her and her son, Sei. Rinko loves her son enough to support him wanting to be a Gunpla pilot, despite him being terrible at it. When he starts working with Seiji, she’s all too happy to cheer them both on. She’s his loudest supporter.

4 Misaka Misaki Jurai Has Remained A Doting Mother For Centuries (Tenchi Muyo)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Sometimes there’s such a thing as too caring. Misaki Jurai is the mother of Sasami and Ayeka Jurai, and she’s incredibly over-protective. In Tenchi Muyo, she traveled across the stars to see her children again. Whenever she’s around, she wants her children to act exactly the way they did when they were kids.

However, she won’t tolerate anyone making fun of them either. She nearly strangled Ryoko when that happened. Still, she’s very forgiving. Misaki will offer the same love to those who act polite that she does to her kids.

3 Bulma Puts Her Son In A Position To Run Capsule Corporation (Dragon Ball Z)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Bulma is the best mom in Dragon Ball Z. She can’t train Trunks, but she makes sure Trunks never has to get a job. Consequently, Trunks is able to do whatever he wants. He can train with his dad to get strong enough to defend Bulma when necessary. It’s because of this that Trunks is stronger than Goten. In Dragon Ball GT, she also managed to raise Trunks into someone who was able to help run Capsule Corp. That means a third generation of Briefs will be running the biggest company in the world.

2 Inko Midoriya Supports Deku Enough To Let Him Do His Own Thing (My Hero Academia)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Inko Midoriya isn’t seen in My Hero Academia very often. When she appears, she’s often seen worried over her son Deku. She’s never stood in the way of what her son’s trying to do. She sees that he’s successful at school. Even if he’s putting himself in danger she understands, even if she doesn’t like it. She stood by him when she realized her son would be quirkless, assuring him that it was still possible for him to be a hero even without powers.

1 Hinata Hyuuga Takes Care Of Her Children While Her Husband Watches Over Konoha (Boruto)

9 Best Anime Moms Ranked

Hinata Hyuuga is the perfect mom for a rambunctious kid like Boruto. She’s kind and supportive, and she’s there for Boruto and Himawari even when Naruto can’t be. Indeed, she’s the glue keeping the household together, as Naruto is always busy being the Hokage. She’s also kept up her training, making her one of the better ninja in Konoha village, though she rarely goes on missions. These days she spends most of her time making sure Boruto does his homework.

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