Guardians Of The Galaxy: Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills, Ranked

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills, Ranked

Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy is the most feared woman in the galaxy for a reason. Here’s her most vicious kills ranked.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

Though she is a trusted member in Guardians of the Galaxy, the living and breathing killing machine known as Gamora can be brutal. After being introduced in Strange Tales #180, Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan quickly established herself to be the deadliest woman in the entire galaxy. The last of her own species, Gamora was raised as an adoptive daughter and trained as an unstoppable killer by Thanos, also known as The Mad Titan. After growing weary of following every order given to her by Thanos, Gamora finally broke free from his control and eventually put her extraordinary fighting skills to good use.

Originally, Thanos had amplified Gamora’s skill sets in order to take down his enemy, Magus. Knowing the timeline, the evil and older version of the future Adam Warlock needs to set certain events in place before becoming Magus. In order to slay Magus, Gamora would need to be faster, stronger, and more agile before she could become a deadly executioner. Thanos would then cybernetically alter Gamora’s body so that he could give her superhuman abilities and a rapid healing factor. As a skilled martial artist and a lethal warrior, Gamora grew to realize she could be so much more than Thanos’ killer and settled down with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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10 The Universal Church of Truth

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

Though Thanos abused her physically and mentally as a child, Gamora continued to remain loyal to the Mad Titan because he would grant her one wish for vengeance. The Universal Church of Truth were the ones responsible for wiping out the rest of the Zen-Whoberis, leaving her as the sole survivor of the bloody massacre.

When the opportunity arose, Thanos granted her permission to seek them out. After slaughtering the Black Knights, nothing stopped Gamora from exacting her own revenge. Though time-travel, she managed to brutally kill every member within the Universal Church of Truth.

9 Ronan The Accuser

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gamora (Zoe Saldana) teamed-up with her extraterrestrial gang of criminals to take down the tyrannical Kree militant ruler, Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace). After betraying Thanos in the climax of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan decided to use the Power Stone to destroy the entire planet of Xandar.

The Guardians rallied together to use his own Infinity Stone against him. As Star-Lord, managed to harness the ultimate power, Gamora joined in with the other Guardians to disintegrate Ronan. There was nothing left of Ronan, except for ashes, after the final battle took place.

8 Slaughter Lords

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

The “Black Vortex” crossover event consisted of the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and Captain Marvel working together against The Slaughter Lords. Every villain and hero was in a race against time to grab hold of the Black Vortex, which allows the user to gain Celestial powers. After stealing the Black Vortex, Star-Lord and Shadowcat, aka Kitty Pryde, are being chased by the Slaughter Lords.

With her team leader in trouble, Gamora makes the drastic choice to use the Vortex and obtain cosmic powers. With her newfound capabilities, Gamora unleashes her cosmic powers and decimates the Slaughter Lords, allowing the others to escape from Spartax’s moon.

7 The Infinity Abyss

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

Ever since Thanos trained Gamora to be a heartless killer at such a young age, she automatically knew how to defend herself in a fight. Even if it came down to a deadly battle to the death, Gamora always had the upper-hand. Unfortunately, Thanos was always two steps ahead of her and found a way to trick her in writer/artist Jim Starling’s Infinity Abyss.

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While Gamora was caught off-guard during her visit at Baligeist, Thanos ordered his creation, Armour, to attack her by surprise. Once Armour ordered them to, all the locals in Baligeist revealed themselves to be servants of Thanos. Surrounded and trapped in a planet that wanted her dead, Gamora had to kill her way through thousands of Thanos’ loyal servants.

6 Annihilation

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

During the “Annihilation” crossover event, Gamora belonged to a secret group of cosmic-powered females known as The Graces. With her newly discovered abilities, Gamora was solely intent on establishing her reputation throughout the galaxy as an unstoppable and deadly assassin.

Carrying the sword known as Godlsayer, Gamora decided to make up her own throne. Her entire seat was then put together with the victims of the Godslayer. She reclined in her own makeshift throne of corpses. Gamora knew full well that if anyone saw her sitting there, they would immediately be very afraid to be near her.

5 Take No Prisoner

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

As the “Annihilation” arc continued, an extended wave of armada warships were crossing over to the planet known as Gothab. The Annihilation Wave unleashed rounds and rounds of heavy fire onto the entire planet, where Gamora had settled nicely into the mountains. Gamora sought revenge against Ronan the Accuser and his Kree collaborators.

In the story, Nova aka Richard Rider, a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps, had developed a relationship with Gamora. With Ronan defeated, no decision had been made yet with what to do with the Kree prisoners. Gamora made the decision herself and slaughtered the captured Kree members. After witnessing the bloodshed, and seeing the ugliness inside of her, Nova had no choice but to break up with Gamora.

4 The Final Gauntlet

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

The brother of Thanos, Starfox, also known as Eros, lived a different lifestyle filled with carefree love and endless fun. Unfortunately, the good times had to end for Eros when he discovered Thanos had managed to cheat death. In “The Final Gauntlet,” Gamora suddenly discovered Thanos had made plans to have his consciousness take possession of Starfox’s body.

Gamora had known Eros as her loving uncle, who cared for her, even though they were not related by blood. To prevent Thanos from winning, Gamora had to stab her uncle with a sword. This was the only way for Gamora to stop the transference of Thanos’ consciousness.

3 The Nidavellir Dawrf

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

The dwarfs of Nidavellir were expert craftsmen who constructed the legendary weapons, such as Stormbreaker, for the Gods of Asgard. During the Infinity Countdown even, one of the Nivadellir dwarves ended up being kidnapped by the mysterious super-villain known as Requiem.

While holding the dwarf as a hostage, Requiem demanded a special armor to be made. After the dwarf complied with every demand and completed the armor, Requiem had no more use for him. After cold-heartedly killing her hostage, Requiem shockingly turned out to be Gamora the entire time, planning something big and terrible.

2 Thanos

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

Gamora became the super-villain during Infinity Wars after becoming separated from her soul. In order to repair the damage and become whole again, Gamora needed to retrieve all the Infinity Stones before gaining access to the Soul Stone. While using the Power Stone, Gamora used her own sword to decapitate Thanos’ head.

To demonstrate to every superhero and any super-villain who plans on getting her way, Gamora now used the name of Requiem and tossed in Thanos’ head for all to see. No one was going to stop her, not even her adoptive father, from getting her hands on the Infinity Stones.

1 Star-Lord

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora’s 10 Most Vicious Kills Ranked

While still as Requiem in Infinity Wars, Gamora used the Power Stone to split apart the team, the only family she loved so dearly. With the stone locked into her sword, Gamora went right after the Guardians of the Galaxy, taking them down one by one. After defeating Drax, she then swung her sword and sliced off Groot’s arms.

Rocket Raccoon was next to fall after blasting away Gamora’s face mask. Though he tried to reason with her, Gamora drove her sword straight into her lover, Star-Lord, reminding the rest of the teammates that no one was going to get in her way.

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